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toward concord and the drive from the central valley looking good from 205 and tracy over the altamont pass at under 20 minutes between livermore and dublin/pleasanton. >> the 49ers are waking inin new orleans this morning to begin the march to hopefully a 6th super bowl title for the team. katie marzullo is live in the big easy for all the excitement. katie marzullo? >> good morning, kristen and everyone, we are here, the team is here, and all is right with the world. we are outfront in front of the 49ers he tell in the heart of downtown, beautiful morning as the sun comes up. the team arrived last night. we have that video. the coach and the players and kaepernick getting off the airplane, and shortly after they arrived, they held a news
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conference to answer media questions of the excitement being here and what they expect the city and game to be like. coach harbaugh said kaepernick deserve as lot of the credit for the team being here and he said it is all about the team. >> i have to say it is very exciting. we have a great thrill and great desire to be here in the unchartered waters. >> it is like a family. we are around here more than we are around anyone else and the time we spend tomorrow and the hard work, it will build. >> coach harbaugh said the team has talent and character and will play with heart on sunday. we have our own team here and they will out on the streets after the news conference. i was back in my room safely air sleep for this morning's
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assignment but they did actually find a 49er fan who is already here in town. he is not even from senate he -- from san francisco, he is from utah. in the meantime, all week long, keep an eye on facebook and twitter, and i will post the more interesting behind-the-scenes photos and tidbits of our trip here including what i had for dinner last night on facebook so check that out unless you are starving then you will want to hold off because it will make your mouth water. >> super cool. love the behind-the-scenes stuff. >> we have an entire team at the super bowl. along with katie and larry beil and mike shumann and wayne freedman are there to bring the best coverage during super bowl week. also, they will tweet behind the scenes updates at abc7 news bay
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area with a slide show of the activity in new orleans an >> she had shrimp, po boy and seafood gumbo. >> organizers of san francisco's beta breakers race are scrambling to find new financing. now live to the city with more on that. amy? >> the vase in trouble and the clock is ticking. the race will start right here at howard on may 19. they have less than four months. according to the "san francisco chronicle", they are looking for a sponsor. the sponsor has dropped out and given no explanation publicly that the company refused to comment to the paper. this would have been their third year to sponsor the race. sources tell the newspaper that
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sponsorship costs the company anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 and putting the race on costs about $1 million so it is expensive but it is very popular. this will be the 102nd beta breakers scheduled for may 19. the general manager of the race tells the "san francisco chronicle" the race will go on with or without a sponsor and as of right new, it sounds like the race does not have a sponsor. >> thank you, new this morning, gun control will be the hot topic at a white house meeting with top law enforcement official whose have dealt firsthand with recent mass shootings. president obama and vice president joe biden will meet with the police chief of newtown, connecticut. the police chief from aurora, colorado, will talk about the 12 people killed in a movie theater shooting in july, part of the discussions the president is
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using to try to get political support for gun control. >> surprising revelation for president obama that could affect the debate over gun control. in an interview with the "new republic" he said he goes skeet shooting when he is at camp david. his young daughters do not shoot but guests pick up a shotgun and take aim at the clay pigeon as california senator feinstein introduces legislation to ban assault weapons in the wake of the deadly shooting rampage in connecticut. >> another twist in the 16-year-old ramsey case in colorado, a newspaper is reporting this morning that a grand jury voted to indict her parents in 1999 on charge of child abuse resulting in death but the prosecutor never signed the indictment.
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the entire ramsey family was cleared of any involvement in the murder of their daughter in 2008 because of newly discovered d.n.a. evidence. "good morning america" will have more on the case coming after our newscast at 7:00. >> a judge will decide whether a man accuses of silling seven will undergo traffic. the 44-year-old will likely go to a state mental hospital after today's hearing. he had faced murder charges stemming from the shooting massacre at the university in oakland last spill. he was a student at the school. the prosecution believes he could have been targetedded an administrator who was not there on the day of the sight. he is currently being held in jail. >> san rafael school district officials are meeting to decide whether to let a tax expire that is now $194 per parcel for san rafael's elementary school district and $132 for the high school district.
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school officials so the the marin independent journal the tax is needed to avoid cuts to programs and personnel. the proposed ball lit initiative goes to the voters in a special mail in election, in the spring. >> such a nice weekend with the gorgeous sunshine. >> i heard it was fabulous. >> we were too sick to enjoy it. >> hopefully you will get progressively better. we will make it warmer for you. >> that is whale -- what i will do for you. now, stay away from me. i cannot get sick. >> we will have unlimit 9 visibility this morning with no fog. 39 inland is as cool as it gets and mid-40's in the bay. we will have upper 40's to low 50's during the lunch hour but it will become breezy as the sun overturns the atmosphere. it could mix the we atmosphere
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for a shower especially near our beaches. the further you are over the ocean the more likely you are to run into one. mid-to-upper 50's for 4:00 temperatures and at 7:00 we will view mostly clear night and temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. for tuesday, more sunshine, and mid-50's and it gets warmer on wednesday and thursday. >> if you travel out of novato south 101 through marinwood, you can see the headlights headed southbound you can see everything is light making your way to the golden gate bridge very few cars coming across at this hour and it is fog free with four lanes for the southbound commute. the santa cruz mountains, redwood city near the bridge, a stall blocking the right lane southbound 17 and we have power outages we after a car hit a
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power pole and the intersection is blocked so you will need to avoid that. kristen and eric? >> thank you very much. >> if you plan on shopping today, there is something you need to know before you whip out the credit card. the new fee you could be hit with. >> california is gearing up for the start of construction on the high-speed rail system. high-speed rail system. there is one [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:13 on monday morning. preliminary hearings are underway for the trial of five alleged 9/11 ploters scheduled to take place at guantanamo bay in cuba. the mastermind is due to appear. he is on trial with the pakistani nephew and three others facing the death penalty if convicted for their roles in the 2001 attacks. >> choosing debts over critic could save you money because of a new fee for credit card users, some stores are now packing the buck to customers. we actually mean debit, rather than credit. the report will tell you how much it can cost you. >> swiping a card could be the easy way to shop. starting right now, it could
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also be more expensive. >> stars can now legally charge you more money for using a credit card, up to 4 percent more. stores have always had to pay a fee to let you swipe but after a settlement with credit card companies retailers can pass the file on to you. >> what would you think if they had 4 percent? >> i we be upset. >> the charges are everywhere. >> you sympathize with the stores. >> they are losing business all over the place. >> ten states have barred retailers from charging customers the fee. >> this would be of greater impact and import to local merchants. >> some big retailers have said they will not pass on the surcharge to customers. walmart said we are not interested in surcharging customers in order to allow credit card companies to continue charging urge fair fees. but there is a way to know if your neighborhood store you make
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you pay. >> there has to be a sign conspicuously displayed indicating they surcharge. at the cash register and the seat they have to disclose what the surcharge is. >> state transportation officials hope to begin work on the high-speed rail line in july but they have not purchased a single acre of land along the court. officials say they hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks. the "los angeles times" reports that a legal process could allow land owners leverage to delay the project and drive up the cost of the $68 billion railway. officials say it will not be easy but they can still acquire the property and begin the project on time. >> if we warm up the weather maybe people will get outside and not be indoors and that will put a damper on the environmental ruts -- a damper
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on the viruses. >> you want to do the news outside? we will stay in here. >> now, to show you what is going on, it is running through the newsroom in circumstance chemicals and come back to get you two, again, and hopefully it will bypass us and you at home. from the east bay hills, to san francisco, it looks nice but a clean air mass and no "spare the air" to worry about and no haze. you can see the wind from the north on the live doppler 7 hd because i put the satellite on it. you can see the wind coming down from the north on live doppler 7 hd. they are rolling from north to south. you can notice the lack of radar runs which is a good sign that dry air is moving in so it will be cooler tomorrow morning before the warming trend begins. >> the bigger picture shows the showers and the snow showers will stay to our north and to
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our east today. our temperatures are in the upper 30's around santa rosa and napa and san jose and los gatos and san francisco is at 47 and half moon bay at 48. 46 in monterey and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 30's. cool breezes today with the storm system coming down, the greatest instability is over the ocean. it is warmer than the land so it will create the rising air so our best chance of stray showers will be over the ocean. warming trend in the afternoon and the overnight hours but especially the afternoon starting tomorrow and through saturday and there is no strong storm in the forecast for the next several days. you can see the clouds spilling over this ridge of high pressure, and the cold air is locked in the trough over us right now and the warm air is build up on the back side coming our way starting tomorrow, and make a real warm pump of air
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thursday, friday and saturday. the showers will fall apart coming to us but we could have instability shower while the rest of us have mostly sunny and cool conditions with temperatures in the mid to you have -- in the mid-to-upper 50's and tonight we are in the 30's inland, and mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore, and the run at 70 we make on friday and saturday and slightly cooler for super bowl sunday. sue? >> we go to the bay bridge, a shot with reports of a stall eastbound direction in this area lower deck head the out of san francisco. you can see traffic is flowing nicely on the upper deck to treasure island in the westbound direction moving into san francisco. on the toll plaza, no metering lights, no delays, and everyone
5:18 am
is moving on time and onschedule and in san francisco, stalls in the right lane and santa cruz mountains southbound 17, and you can find slowing at redwood estate with bart and muni on type but train 521 from davis area is 30 minutes late because of a passenger incident. kristen and eric? >> homeowners facing foreclosure could be able to send in the keys and walk away from the mortgage. the bloomberg business report is straight ahead. >> hollywood is ramping up to the oscars. we could get a preview of the favorites to win coming up, with the big winners at the screen actors guild. >> making history in san francisco, a local bar is now officially a landmark. >> there has been a lot of talk about notre dame star, manti te'o, who says he fell for a
5:19 am
woman he met online. instead, he says he fell victim to a hoax as he told me in an exclusive interview. it turns out there are pranksters all over the internet called catfish and they steal their victim's heart and their money. lend how easy it is to be dupe and meet someone who did the duping coming up later
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>> hollywood movers could still be at parties this morning celebrating the wins at the screen actors guild awards which are often an indication of the academy award favorites. it could be very good news for jennifer lawrence.
5:22 am
>> i have this naked statue so that means some of you have voted for me. thank you. >> you are look at daniel day-lewis and tommy lee jones won best supporting actor and both of these were for "lincoln ." >> it was an actor that murdered abraham lincoln. and deliver somehow it is only fitting that an actor tries to bring him back to life again. >> "modern family" won best come by and anne hathaway best supporting actress for les miserables and the oscars are less than a month away and you can see who wins on u.n., february 24, when the oscars are announced live, here on abc7.
5:23 am
>> ben affleck got the nod for "argo." >> good news this morning for those struggling to hold on to their home. >> underwater homeowners get a break, for those who have not been late but owe more than their home is worth, they can walk away. increasing profits from starbucks and the longest winning street since 2004. if you are still a fan of lance armstrong, can you get close outs of his t shirts sold for $1.34. and other shirts cost only $. that is the bloomberg business report. >> right now, thinking of the super bowl, they play in the dome and they could caught in
5:24 am
have to worry about the weather. >> too bad, because it is nice weather. and we will have nice weather here. mike nicco will talk about that. >> it will change down there, if i can give you a run through new orleans in the mid-70's, humid and scattered showers today and tomorrow and better chance of showers on wednesday and the humidity goes way up and the temperature drops in the 60's, so you will enjoy walking around whether you like the humidity or not. now, back at home, we are light on the humidity side so you can see the radar runs minimal, just higher elevation showers turning into snow around los angeles and rain possible around eureka today, and make a stray snow shower around tahoe and yosemite at 39. mid-to-upper 50's through the central valley but not so breezy as it has been the last couple of days and the low 60's around los angeles where it will be breezy. sue? >> back to the bay bridge now, no metering lights and everything is smooth on the
5:25 am
upper deck with an early stall in the lower deck eastbound, and that stall now is cleared from the lanes and no problem leaving the city and no problem get into the city at this hour. to the cruz mountains with a stall at the redwood city estates, hopefully that vehicle will be out of the way and capital corridor train is 30 minutes behind between davis and sacramento. >> a landmark in bayview district is official, a bar celebrated the 54th anniversary and last week was an official san francisco historical landmark. iit, the owner, was the first black man to run for mayor. >> the former starting quaterback of the super bowl-bound 49ers, but this remain on, smith could get ready to leave the bay.
5:26 am
>> developing news from the peninsula, a car overturns late at night kill, three people and injuring two others and the family connection we are
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>> live from the broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> it is monday. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> let's see how the week is starting off. mike? >> well start with live doppler 7 hd, starting off dry. good morning, everyone. you can see these are high clouds negotiation real radar runs. we will be fairly dry from now through the early part of february. we have a small chance of a stray shower at the coast. it will be breezy and cool. mid-to-upper 50's. everyone else, sunshine, with a few clouds and mid-to-upper
5:29 am
50's. sue? >> in san jose it is flowing nicely on highway 101 at the 880 overcross, the headlights are headed in the northbound direction on 101 with no delays, and good looking drive. it is getting busy on the east shore freeway but it is moving at the limit. a few more folks on the road. capital corridor saying the system-wide 30-minute delay because of a pass jury -- passenger incident. if you take capital corridor expect major delays this morning. eric? >> thank you. san francisco 49ers hit the practice field in new orleans later today to kickoff super bowl week flying into the big easy last night and katie marzullo is in new orleans and will be there all week with live reports on what the team and the fans are up to. katie? >> good morning, we got in yesterday evening, as well, and here is my impression so far of
5:30 am
new orleans, less than 12 hours in. they are always cleaning up, or i keep missing the party because the parade has gone down bourbon last night, now we are live on canal street and therapy hosing off the sidewalks. could, always a minute too late. the team got here last night, as well, we have video of them getting east airplane and any will face the same distraction as anyone would in new orleans when they get here, but, the coach says they will not be distracted but for those who want to take part, there are festivities. we found a 49er fan who is not even from san francisco, here is his take on the city and the game. >> go, 49ers. true and blue. >> where are you from? >> utah! >> go 49ers. joe montana.
5:31 am
>> now, here is the catch. he does not have tickets. he will not stay for that but he wanted to swing through the city he was on a cruise and thought he should check it out and support the team. we talked with a former professional football player who has some advice for the 49ers here in the big easy. we will have his words of wisdom for the team coming up at 6:00 a.m. also, in case any members of my team, larry beil, mike shumann, wade -- wayne freedman get distracted, i will have the pictures to check out. >> what happens in new orleans, stays in new orleans, right? >> thank you, katie. abc7 has an entire team at the super bowl as you the herd say, along with katie marzullo, we have mike shumann, and larry beil, and wayne freed man, and
5:32 am
they will have updates with a slight show of all the activity in new orleans an >> there are reports that 49ers quaterback smith is expected to seek his release before free agency begins in march according to a website. he is due to 18 $8.5 million for the upcoming season with $1 million guaranteed now, and the balance on april 1. it is believes he will be traded we, a source tells the website he could seek the release before the start of free agency so he can join any team he wants. it is a calculated risk, though, because smith will lose the $8.5 million he would earn if he was traded along with the contract. >> developing news from the peninsula, a deadly track accident claims three lives near foster city and the youngest victim was only 12 years old.
5:33 am
>> two lanes are eastbound 92 reopened a short time ago, the aftermath of the crash remains here, a damaged guardrail and a toppled light pole. c.h.p. says it happened when a car with five people riding inside struck the guardrail on the foster city boulevard off-ramp and flipped. the impact killed an 18-year-old a16-year-old, and a 12-year-old, all brothers. >> for unknown reasons, the vehicle lost control. it went off the road. it struck the guardrail on the side of the freeway. it overturned. it struck a utility pole. it rested on the roof. >> c.h.p. is investigating the crash. two people were injured. one is an 18-year-old in critical condition at stanford medical center. all victims appear to be from redwood city.
5:34 am
>> thank you, the highway patrol is investigating a fatal accident that shut down a stretch of interstate 80 in el cerrito. investigators say a woman driving a black s.u.v. had trouble on uneven roadway. >> lost control of the vehicle. she struck a center median and overturned. it looks like a passenger of the vehicle was ejected and the vehicle landed on top of him. that passenger did not make it. >> the four others in the car including the driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the accident forced c.h.p. to close the westbound lanes of 80 for almost an hour. >> today a bipartisan group of senators lay out a plan for sweeping overall of immigration. the group is made up of four democrats and four republicans. the plan including a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and strengthening board security.
5:35 am
>> you cannot go on forever with 11 million people living in this country in the shadows in an illegal status. >> we have been going for 25 years without a clear statement on immigration policy. that is unacceptable in this nation of immigrants. >> tomorrow, president obama headed to los angeles with his own immigration reform plans and promised that reform during the 2008 campaign but failed to deliver in the first term. >> this morning a state lawmaker plans to unveil legislation to create a state-wide earthquake warning system. los angeles area state senator says that could minimize death and destruction for major earthquakes, japan and a few other nations have earthquake warning systems, and experts will be on hand for introduction of the bill. a few seconds of warning could give people extra time to take cover before an earthquake hits. >> major change is coming to the golden gate bridge this week,
5:36 am
with a transition to electronic toll collecting. initially, the checkers will still be in the fast fast track but when the system is fully tested, cab will no longer be accepted. the golden gate bridge authority hopes to have the system up and running in early february. e-toll is projected to save $19 million over eight years and will be the first bridge in california to convert to all electronic tolls. >> now, out the door with what to wear and how the weather will affect you. >> just weather details, and mike nicco has you covered. >> i will do the weather and you can do the fashion. i will give you the weather and you can do the fashion. >> we had stronger winds early but the fattest -- fast oh wind is in novato, and everyone else
5:37 am
is calm this morning, so temperatures are going to keep falling in the next hour and a half to the lowest level in the 30's inland and low-to-mid 40's for the rest of us. at noon it will become breezy when the air overturns as we hit 48 at the coast and low 50's for the lunch time temperatures around the bay and inland in the mid-to-upper 50's and back in the upper 40's to, say, low 50's at 7:00, and this is a stray shower possible near the ocean. tomorrow, we will have more sunshine and temperatures like today at mid-50's to around 60 and low 60's on wednesday and low-to-mid 60's by thursday. sue? >> if you are headed out of marin wood through northern san rafael, this is what it looks like, with a live shot with headlights southbound, the marin ymca and moving toward southern marin, with in problems and off the waldo you have two lanes off
5:38 am
the golden gate bridge and no fog, either, a good drive moving toward san francisco and from the central valley you will see slowing up and over the altamont pass from 205 and tracy and it picks up moving toward the dublin/pleasanton at 22 minutes from the altamont pass. wide delays for capital corridor with a passenger incident. expect 30-minute delays no problems with bart, muni, cal strain -- caltrain and everyone else is on time. kristen and eric? >> 5:39. next, a little monkey business helps iran reach a major space milestone overnight. teenagers and underage drinking could come down to the television they watch. we will explain. >> coming up first from bit are primary rivals to best friend the new tv interview from
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we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, at 5:43.
5:42 am
a high school football coach is defending a former opponent after the coach was fired following a hazing scandal at a school. the coach was dismissed after he reported that varsity players were tasering younger players at school. another coach at another high school, fears that coaches could fear reporting hazing in the future after he was fired for blowing the whistle. >> when he was the one that didn't have direct knowledge of it but took it to the supervisor and he was singled out. from the article, others knew what was going on but did not say anything. >> the administrators claim that he was fired for not providing enough supervision in the locker room. the other coach said it is impossible do watch every player every time on cam because and he believes it took place before he was hired last year.
5:43 am
>> iran says it is joining the space race saying it was on a rocket that went up 72 miles and the morningcy returned safely, and iran has said they want to send an astronaut into space and the united states is concerned iran could use the space program to veteran long-range nuclear missiles. >> families face the task of identifying loved ones after 250 people died when a fire broke out in a brazil nightclub, toxic smoke filled the nightclub in the southern brazilian city yesterday morning. party growers grabbed axs to reach people that were trapped. it could have begun when the band lit flares. a doctor believes that most victims died from inhaling toxic fumes. >> a couple is recovering after dramatic rescue from a plane crash were afternoon in the hudson river in new york. the couple was on a site seeing
5:44 am
trip when the vehicle crashed. the couple was able to get out of the airplane before it sank. they were rescued in 30 minutes. both are hospitalized now in stable condition. >> a change is coming to the broadway tunnel in san francisco. the city plans to replace the tunnel's 60-year-old ventilation system to feature a digital carbon monoxide monitor. the monitor will cost $1 million. the fans in the tunnel are so old that the spare parts to fix them no longer exist. work on a new system will begin in october. change is coming to the weather. mike? >> it will get warmer. we had to cool down this weekend, with the breezes switching direction and it will bring 70's back into the forecast. we have not had that for a while. it will isolated but that shows you how much warmer than the
5:45 am
50's today. welcome to monday, everyone. you can see the embarcardero the trees are moving and the flag is on the biand moving. not a "spare the air" day and it is clear. zooming in you can see where the cloud cover is with high clouds from dumbarton bridge north to the northwest corner of the coast, there, and this is a little disturbance in the upper part of the atmosphere bringing us the high cloud making for a beautiful sunrise around your neighborhood. take a picture if you see some of this and tweet it to me or post to my facebook page. you can see the last couple of hours it is getting dry out there and the best rain chances are to the north and to the east and to our west, today. if you wake up in new orleans
5:46 am
like katie marzullo, it is 59 degrees this morning. it looks inviting and hopefully the players and family and coaches and everyone is having a good time for super bowl week. back at home, we are in the upper 30's in most neighborhoods around san jose and los gatos low-to-mid 40's and mid-to-upper 40's 30's but monterey is at 26. you will not need the umbrella for a long-term. today we will have a day where we will have cooler breezes and a slight chance of a shower over the ocean, warming trend tuesday through saturday, so, today, we are below average with winds straight down from the north again and we on the front side of the high clockwise which is the coastest side and on the back side of the high we will start to get the warming trend tomorrow and more so on thursday, friday, and saturday. the showers are over the ocean
5:47 am
overnight and, also, for today, most of us have a few clouds and sunshine and temperatures below average in the mid-to-upper 50's. and tomorrow, it will be warmer headed into the weekend. enjoy. here is sue. >> the bay bridge the toll plaza, no metering lights yet but you can see a minor delay for cash paying folks in the left-hand lanes approaching the toll plaza and no problems on the upper deck, either, everyone is at the limits and looking good into san francisco. in san jose, first reports of an accident, southbound, 880 at capital avenue, no further delays but we will follow-up on that. system-wide delays from the capital corridor because of a passenger incident but no other mass transit problems and bart and muni are all running on time. debris in lane south 101 causing plat tires and four cars are on the side of road. >> new this morning, u.s. supreme court justice sotomayor
5:48 am
will be in san francisco today making a stop at the theater on van ness a noon to discuss her new best seller "my beloved world," her life from the bronx housing project to the federal bench and made history in 2009 when she became the first hispanic and third woman to be appointed to the high court. >> president obama's publicly praising secretary of state, hillary clinton, as she begins the final week on the job. in a rare joint interview the president sat down with clinton on "60 minutes" speaking how their relationship has strengthed and the president called her one of his closest advisors but, both brushed off questions about her political future and whether she will run for president in 2016. >> you guys and the press are incorrigible. literally i was inaugurated four days ago and you are talking
5:49 am
about elections four years from now. >> i don't think either he or i can make predictions about what will happen tomorrow or the next year. >> the president said he proposed the joint interview with secretary of state, hillary clinton, because he wanted to publicly say "thank you" to clinton for all of her hard work. >> ahead, stopping underage drinking the new connection just uncovered by doctors that parents of teenagers will want to hear. >> disease known for striking adults but doctors say it is happening more often with children. >> coming up, new troubles for the mom acquitted of killing her own daughter and what brought casey
5:50 am
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5:52 am
>> psyche coldists in san francisco could find a smoother road to travel the next five years. planners will meet tomorrow to discuss spending $200 million to improve the cycling network including building 12 new miles of bicycle lanes, upgrading existing paths and installing 20,000 new bicycle racks. also, upgrading intersections and maintaining thousands of bicycles. cycling in san francisco has increased by 71 percent since 2006. >> so-so morning for riding your
5:53 am
bicycle. >> this afternoon it will be warm are but breezy. a chance of a stray shower over the ocean. the rest of us have below average temperatures in mid-to-upper 50's. around state, a few showers to the north and a few showers and mountain know to the south and low 60's is the warm spot in palm springs and los angeles and 30's around yosemite. >> the east shore freeway, 80 through berkeley, it is picked up and busy, a lot of folks on the road with no major stalls or accidents and speeds are slowing moving into the macarthur maze, and san jose, first reports of an accident southbound 880 at capital avenue, blocking a lane of traffic. i see a little bit of slowing but that is northbound so we will check back with c.h.p. to get the location. wide delays for capital corridor because of a "trespasser" incident between davis and sacramento. no other mass transit problems.
5:54 am
and a truck fire is now out in fremont area southbound 880. kristen? >> it will cost you more to mail a letter today. the price of stamp went up one cent to $46 -- went up to 46 cents today. whole hoods foods is recalling r brand of smoked salmon because of a health risk after testing positive for listeria. they say the salmon was sold in 12 states but california was not bump states. according to the food and drug administration there are no reported illnesses. research suggests that supposing teens to commercials promoting alcohol can lead to underage drinking. they looked at 3,900 students in los angeles. a survey asked students in high school of their exposure to
5:55 am
commercials for alcohol and how much they enjoyed the ads. exposure to the ads and liking them influenced underage drinking and it increases the develop must alcohol-related problems. the study in the latest issue of journal of pediatrics. >> the academy is out this morning with new guidelines for treating children with type two diabetes including when to start insulin and how to encourage healthy diets. many can get off medication by losing weight. more cases of type two diabetes are being reported because of the rate in child hood obesity. >> a quest for six. we will go look to the big easy to find out how the 49ers will spend their first full day in the city. >> the san francisco race known for costumes, or lack thereof, or more than running; in
5:56 am
troubling. we will explain. >> a big store chain with barnes and noble announcing a new plan to survive and what it could mean for the store in your neighborhood.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> start of the new week and thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> and this is super bowl week. now, mike, how is the forecast? >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows no radar returns but a few clouds out there for the morning commute. other than that, it looks like we will see a chance of a shower out at coast and further into the ocean. the rest of us will see more sunshine, a little breezy and temperatures still cooler than they should be as we hold on to the cool air mass today and
5:59 am
tomorrow. about 23 inland to 45 around san francisco and to the coast. by the afternoon hours, it will be 50 at the coast and mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us and decreasing clouds and decreasing wind and temperatures in the evening at 46 to 52. we will look at our next chance of rain, a couple of weeks from now in the forecast. but, first, we have traffic. sue? >> back to san jose, c.h.p. updating the location of the accident in san jose as southbound 680 at capital avenue, with possible lanes blocked there. we have a system-wide delay for capital corridor, some sort of a trespasser incident between davis and sacramento and you experience 30-minute delays for all trains this morning. bart and muni and caltrain all running on schedule. in hayward, there is a water main broken affecting

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